Avery Underwood

Real Estate Agent

Hi, I'm Avery Underwood

Avery Underwood is a licensed real estate agent with Hope Realty brokered by Real and has dedicated the past two years to helping Homeowners find their dream homes. While born in Alabama, Avery has been a resident of Richmond, VA for the majority of his life, giving him personal and professional experience in the Richmond markets and surrounding areas. His main goal as an agent is to make the home search experience smooth, fun, and most importantly – stress free. Avery has been recalled as friendly, flexible, comforting, and successful by previous clients. He maintains an open line of communication even after a home’s purchase to make sure every client settles into their new home well.

In his free time, Avery appreciates a good workout, good food, and working on his cars. He and his fiancé reside on the outskirts of the main city and often indulge in long walks with their dog. He is passionate in all aspects of his life and is most looking forward to continuing to help clients from all walks of life find their perfect home.