10 Trends for Your Home in 2020

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The late 1800s and early 1900s are making a comeback and a lot of people are excited about it. This design sends off a vibe of rustic and age, something that is definitely hot in the market right now. To add a little flare to your home with this trend, try adding an antique lamp to your living room, a rustic, but functional, dresser in your bedroom, or even a pop of color cabinet in your kitchen. Watch as this vintage trend transforms your home into a beautiful sanctuary.



We all know that earth tones are totally in and trending, but those aren’t the only color schemes. Navy blue is making its way into each and every home and everyone is loving it. Whether you paint an accent wall navy blue, add a soft and plush blanket to accent your couch in your living room, this color is going to smoothly transition into your home perfectly.



Remember those times when wallpaper was a big deal? Well… it’s coming back and we’re actually impressed. Wallpaper is perfect to accent a boring and plain wall and really spice it up. Floral wallpaper would be perfect for that extra office room in your home to give it some more life. The possibilities you can have with this design are endless!



We’re especially happy that this decor is making it’s grand entrance again. Checkered black and white flooring, black couches and white walls, or even black walls and white couches are really causing a scene with this trend! Add some white roses in a black vase to add this high contrast trend in your everyday rooms.



Everyone loves a little bit of color to make something POP. We adore these cute color pop cabinets that are beginning to enter each home across the nation. Don’t forget to stay on your color scheme, but use a vibrant color that will match your current colors when deciding to renovate your home for this project. P.S. – Our favorite would be a Retro Red in an old fashioned kitchen!



Speaking of age in our tip about vintage accents, this trend will go hand in hand with that. Add some aged pictures on the wall to really feel how time has passed. A vintage lamp with a couple of aged photos surrounding it would be a beautiful addition to your home.



Who doesn’t like adorable little trees? Bring your home to life and plant an olive tree in a large vase. These can fit in the corner of any room! Place it at the entrance of your home so your guests are immediately welcomed by your friendly little olive tree.



The same basket that we took to a picnic is the same basket that will compliment the coziness of your home. These cute baskets can host scented pine cones, seashells, or anything else you could imagine that can easily be displayed in your home.



These are absolutely gorgeous and add such an elegant taste to your washroom. Just look at this! Throw away the jetted and expensive tubs that you won’t often use and install this beautiful free standing tub that will soon become your oasis.



This has to ultimately be my absolute favorite one, yet! I love soft blankets, things that are comfortable, and being able to surround myself with something so cozy! These blankets are a wonderful touch to your living room or bedroom, and this type of blanket is actually very easy to make yourself. Looking for a craft? Search How to Make a Giant Yarn Blanket and let your inner crafter come out!

Like what you see? Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite 2020 trend!