Discovering the Charms of Midlothian, VA

Discovering the Charms of Midlothian, Virginia

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Far from the bustling city life, the scenic community of Midlothian, VA, invites homebuyers with its idyllic atmosphere yet brimming with charms waiting to be discovered.

It is a community in Chesterfield County that lets its residents enjoy the typical suburban lifestyle with its relaxing environment and peaceful setting.

Over the years, Midlothian has gained a reputation for its diverse population and deep historical significance, stretching back to the 1600s.

It has evolved into a true treasure of Virginia, providing residents with an exceptional standard of living, a wealth of historical heritage, conveniences, and stunning natural landscapes.

Midlothian offers something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a family looking to find a permanent residence, young professional seeking career options, or a retiree desiring a tranquil and comfortable retirement.

Read on and discover the charms of Midlothian, VA, a fantastic destination that perfectly balances history, natural beauty, and modern conveniences!

Living in Midlothian, VA

Midlothian, VA, is a community with a long history, dating back to the 1700s as a small mining town. The area retains its rich historical character, adding to its charm.

Throughout the years, Midlothian has developed into a thriving suburb of Richmond, offering residents a beautiful combination of historical landmarks, art and culture, and modern living amenities.

The serene Virginia countryside and the friendly Southern community attract people to this area. With a growing population and an influx of new residents, Midlothian enjoys low unemployment, healthy job growth, and expanding resources.

Midlothian covers a large geographic area, divided into three zip codes: 23112, 23113, and 23114. Each of these areas has its unique character and appeal.

For instance, Magnolia Green boasts quiet, tree-lined streets, while Founders Bridge is an upscale golf-course community.

Hallsley is known for its luxurious homes and family-friendly atmosphere, and Brandermill offers scenic lake views and a wide range of amenities. Meanwhile, Woodlake is a waterfront neighborhood with beautiful homes and spacious yards.

These neighborhoods are also close to parks and hiking trails, providing residents with a tranquil home environment and opportunities for an active lifestyle in nature.

Apart from its history, culture, and beautiful neighborhoods, Midlothian also offers convenient shopping options. The community is home to popular malls such as Chesterfield Town Center and Stony Point Fashion Park, which provide modern convenience and entertainment to residents.

The community also showcases its creativity and talent through museums, galleries, and theaters, such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Children’s Museum Chesterfield, and Regal Commonwealth movie theater.

Another advantage of living in Midlothian is its central location. Residents who work in the Short Pump area can easily access it from the Robious Road Corridor via Route 288. Similarly, those living in the northern part of Midlothian can reach Downtown through Route 288 or Henrico, which connects to I-64 East.

However, living in Midlothian can be relatively expensive compared to the national and Virginia averages due to the competitive housing market.

As of 2023, the average home value in Midlothian is $420,546. While transportation and healthcare costs are lower than the national average, expenses such as groceries, utilities, and housing tend to be higher compared to the rest of the United States.

Despite the high cost of living in Midlothian, residents can enjoy numerous amenities and conveniences that make it worth the investment for a quality lifestyle.

Midlothian, VA Demographics

Midlothian Virginia is a diverse community with people from different backgrounds and cultures. According to the data from the Census Reporter Profile for Midlothian, VA, for the recent U.S. Census Bureau (2021), 19,016 people live in Midlothian, where about 54% of the population is aged 18-64, and a median age of 34.2.

Regarding household demographics, 71% in Midlothian are married couples, while 14% live alone. The average person per household is 2.7, a little higher than the Richmond, VA Metro Area, which has an average of 2.5, and Virginia, which has 2.6.

There are several languages spoken in Midlothian. This diversity brings a richness of experiences and perspectives that enhances the overall lifestyle in Midlothian.

Most speak English, and some residents speak other languages like Indo-European, Spanish, and Asian.

Meanwhile, the occupancy rate in the community is 94%, and 78% of the population owns their home, while the remaining 22% rents.

The average annual household income in Midlothian is $45,212, while the median household income sits at $96,981 per year.

The average household income of Midlothian is 10% higher than in the Richmond metro area, which is $40,254, while a little higher than in Virginia, which has $43,267.

Furthermore, the data shows regarding geographical mobility in Midlothian that most of the population, about 85%, stays in the same house as a year ago.

9% that moved to the community came from the same county, 4% were from different countries, and the remaining 3% came from other states.

10 Best Places to Visit in Midlothian, VA

Midlothian, VA, is home to some fantastic places worth exploring. From parks and historical sites to shopping centers and entertainment venues, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some places you should never miss when you are in Midlothian!

It is a historic brick church and cemetery built in 1894 and is a national landmark featuring a steeply pitched gable roof in Late Gothic Revival architecture.

Located 20 minutes east of Midlothian, VA, you will see the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson, also known as Historic Tuckahoe.

It was built in the early 1700s and was preserved to offer history buffs and residents a glimpse into the past. This National Historic Landmark carries so much cultural value, information, and tradition.

It is a Georgian-style plantation home of Francis Eppes VI that was listed in 1969 on the Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register of Historic Places.

It is not open to the public, but you can visit it on Eppington Day during the fall of each year. It is available for small groups of reservation only, and you can call the Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Department for a reservation.

Want to find some treasure that brings timeless elegance and nostalgia? Buckingham Antique Mall got you!

This mall sells several items, such as period antiques, glassware, mid-century/retro furniture, vintage collectibles, stained glass, Persian and oriental rugs, jewelry, unique gift items, early/vintage games, and more.

It is a bustling and the largest enclosed shopping center in the Richmond area. It offers a delightful blend of convenience, variety, and entertainment.

You can find many retailers here, from famous national chains to local boutiques. Whether searching for upscale brands, casual wear, or accessories, you can explore options to satisfy your fashion cravings.

Chesterfield Towne Center has many shops and stores so that you can shop for home decor, electronics, health and beauty, sports and fitness, and more in one place!

If you get hungry from strolling or shopping, grab a bite with its many dining options. Various cuisines suit every palate, from fast-food chains to restaurants. You can also enjoy community events, live performances, or festivals in this center, adding more excitement and enjoyment.

Regal Westchester Commons is a famous movie theater located in Midlothian. It is part of the Regal Cinemas chain, known for its wide selection of films and comfortable viewing experience.

The theater boasts modern amenities, including state-of-the-art digital projection and sound systems, ensuring a high-quality cinematic experience and that viewers have a fantastic experience while watching.

This lovely 44-acre nature area is full of interesting stories from the past. The park has two parts: one takes you to the remains of a coal mine, and there’s a tunnel underneath the road connecting them.

The other part surrounds a lake where you can spot geese and ducks. If you’re interested in history, there’s also a small, old family cemetery worth exploring. Residents visit this place to engage in various activities or relax when the weather is nice.

As you stroll along the park’s pathway, you’ll encounter people exercising, riding their bicycles, walking their pets, enjoying themselves while playing the guitar or reading on the grass, and kids playing.

Enjoy rope courses and zip lines, whatever your skill level, in this outdoor park filled with adrenaline-rush adventures!

This park allows you to experience 2 and a half hours of challenges on its 4 unique ropes courses. It includes 10 zip lines and more than 28 obstacles. The fantastic part of that is you get to enjoy the outdoor adventures while also having access to stunning natural scenery!

9. Stonehenge Golf and Country Club

This 18-hole and 72-par championship golf course was designed by Edmund Ault a century ago. Stonehenge Golf & Country Club presents meticulously maintained fairways and greens that make it challenging yet friendly.

Besides a round of golf, you can also enjoy its other amenities like tennis courts and swimming pools. Stonehenge Golf and Country Club also offers several services, like golf lessons for all levels, bag storage for members and guests, customized club fitting, and locker rental.

After a game of golf, you can dine and enjoy their menus ranging from seafood, tacos, nachos, and side dishes to handheld menus like burgers and salads.

Looking for a playground place where everyone in family or friends can play? Uptown Alley strikes up the fun! They have a state-of-the-art bowling facility, arcade, laser tag, virtual reality, billiards, sports theater, high-energy bars, live entertainment, and an exciting ultra lounge that can accommodate groups of up to 1,500!

Discovering the Charms of Midlothian, VA

Final Thoughts

Midlothian is a hidden gem that offers a beautiful balance of history, natural beauty, and modern conveniences. This scenic community in Chesterfield County provides residents with a quiet environment.

With its diverse population and historical significance dating back to the 1600s, Midlothian has established itself as one of the sought-after places to settle down in Virginia.

It is a vibrant community that provides residents with a high standard of living, rich cultural experiences, and a strong sense of community, making it a desirable destination for families, young professionals, and retirees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Midlothian, VA, is a highly favorable location for residing, particularly for families, as it offers top-notch educational institutions, many shopping choices, and various amenities. The community also boasts numerous parks, walking trails, fitness centers, and other attractions.

Midlothian is known for its coal mining heritage, being the site of the initial commercial coal mining operations in the Colony of Virginia and North America. More than that, it is known as a community with many shopping malls and golf courses.

Midlothian is a place packed with history. It is where the first commercial coal mine in America was recorded and the first commercial railroad in Virginia was built.