Tips and Tricks to Make Your Beach Trip Easier

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Do you love the beach? Maybe the mountains are right for you, or another scenic place, but since it’s summer, we’re going to talk about some things to make your beach trip a LOT easier.

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes
Have you heard of Aloe Vera Ice Cubes? You don’t put them in your drink… or, I guess you could. But their main purpose and what we’re talking about is to treat sunburn. Sometimes, that sunscreen just doesn’t do the job, and the sun is way too strong for your skin to handle, thus, creating sunburn. Ouch! To create these cooling cubes for the sunburn, you’re going to need a silicone tray, since it’s easier to remove frozen items from, and aloe vera of your choice. Fill up the ice cube tray and wait until it’s frozen! This is going to create a very cooling and sensational feeling against your sunburn. We wish you the best of luck on that!


Portable Capri Sun Bags
There’s nothing more that hits the spot just right than a cool beverage while soaking in the sun. Cans and bottles aren’t allowed on some beaches, and having to deal with the trash AND packing up your belongings is not a way to relax. This is super simple, easy, and fun! Create a concoction of whatever beverage you’d like and place it in a vertical bag. Stick a straw in it and voila! Your own homemade capri sun. Pro Tip: Place them in the freezer beforehand so they’re extra chilly on that hot summer day.


Use Recyclable Containers
This one is actually pretty cool and a really good idea. Who doesn’t bring snacks to the beach? Having fun makes you hungry and you’re going to need something to eat on the spot. You can easily use recyclable containers, such as plastic food containers, coffee creamer containers, etc. Put your all time favorite snacks in these containers and enjoy the day!


Freeze Your Water Bottles
This one may be something you already know and do, but for those who have been left out of the loop, this is going to knock your socks off! Imagine this… you’re laying on your beach towel in the summer heat as droplets of sweat stroll down your forehead on both sides. You wonder if you should get back in the ocean, but you know it will only take 5 seconds to become hot again. You know what you need? A FROZEN BOTTLE OF WATER! Freezing your water bottle is going to leave it cooler for longer, especially when the sun is beaming down on your belongings. It won’t stay frozen, of course, but it is surely to give you the shock of coldness that you’re craving.


Baby Powder
No, we’re not just being silly. Sprinkling baby powder on your hands and feet will stop the sand from clinging on to your ocean kissed extremities! If you have a baby, you’re in luck to just use the baby powder you have on deck. If not, go to the local drug store or shop and purchase a bottle for a low price.